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This is my first venture in the blog arena. My vision for this sight is slightly different than your typical blog. I am hoping to create a forum for discussion of a variety of topics, both serious and fun, via the posting of a question or thought of the day. I am hoping that the post will generate a thoughtful discussion and/or debate.

My inspiration for the site stemmed from the fact that I am a strong-minded and opininated person, as are many of my friends. As you can imagine, we do not always agree. This can make for some lively and passionate debates, which I thoroughly enjoy. Having to validate my beliefs and thought patterns is a challenge I always welcome, as I believe that that is the only way I can continue to expand my awareness and point of view. These interactions have shaped who I am, both emotionally and intellectually, in many ways.

Therefore, my goal is to spark these types of debates within this blog. I am hoping that those that I regularly debate with will actively participate in the discussions, while I also hope that I will have the opportunity and pleasure to hear from many others that I have never met!

Once again, welcome to Bold Contemplations!

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