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Looking Forward

[Picture: Looking Forward by Alex Clark]

We've had a pretty warm summer here in Chicago (I suppose that is true for most of the country), and as the end of August quickly approaches, I am beginning to detect a hint of fall in the air. I was surprised to find myself happily anticipating the arrival of autumn. Usually I am mourning the loss of summer and the sun's regular appearances! However, I am looking forward to turning off the air-conditioning and letting fresh air flood the house, great sleeping weather, falling leaves, comfy sweaters, and Halloween -- just to name a few!

This made me wonder...

What are you looking forward to at this moment, no matter how small?

As much as I love summer, a lot of sun, and the warm weather, I'm looking forward to waking up on a cool fall morning and having a nice hot cup of coffee. I'm hoping to spend some quality time with a special person who has made an amazing impression on me recently. Hopefully we can experience some of autumn's fun and wonderful flavors.

I'm looking forward to two things - 1. Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. :) All that good food.... mmmm..... 2. My vacation to Lake Geneva in September. That's going to rock!

wednesday's :)

Quite peace amidst an Arizona sunset would be just fine.

1. Halloween- best holiday ever! (no gifts to buy, no guilt and no family obligations!)

2. cool crisp air where you can wear sweaters but not coats.

a negative scan

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