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[Photo: My parents by aprilandrandy]

Here's a question suggested by LV7:

Do you know the story of how your parents met? If so, how?

My answer isn't that exciting, but my mom's cousins, brother and sister, dated and married my dad's sister and brother, respectively. I am not sure who met who first, but am guessing that two of them must have started dating and the introductions ensued from there!

How about you?

Mom and Dad met through one of my Mom's best friends. My Dad was a backup date for my Mom. The first guy had to cancel their date because of some work thing and my Dad asked Mom out and she said yes. They used to tell this story every once in a while after gatherings of friends and families. It made them both laugh. It was a re-connecting story for both of them.

My Dad was dating a woman who knew my Mom. She told my Dad you should meet my friend. She got them to go out together and if I recall, he asked her to marry him 3 weeks later or something close to that, and she said yes.

Dad had been back from Vietnam for about three years when he was sitting in a large auditorium of teachers (a mandatory inservice for all the teachers in the county) when he saw Mom across the room... and knew she'd be the one he'd marry.

My folks met on a flight back from california, or florida, or some such place.. From what I remember, she had claimed she was a gypsy or a witch or something, and had put spells on my dad and his brother, and they spent the better part of the flight trying to convince her to take it off.. something like that. :) Mysterious and silly enough to hold their attention, I'm sure. :)

Dated a while, married for 7 years, and I came out somewhere in the middle there. :)

Thanks for sharing your stories!

I have always have been a doubter of the "love at first sight" stories. But there are a few here -- it's great to read. I always wondered if people really meant it when they say "When I saw him/her for the first time, I knew that was the person I would marry!" As you can probably tell, I'm not married..! :)

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