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Over the past few days, I haven't been very motivated, or inspired, to write. Therfore, I thought I'd throw out the following question while I re-energize:

What is something that you enjoy doing that would probably surprise many of the people that think they know you well? 1

1Selected from The Conversation Piece 2.

There's a site called iSketch, that I like to play around on here and there (I have a friend that'll sometimes call me out of the blue and demand I come play with her.. :) ) Sort of an online pictionary game.. pretty crude tools to mock up as best you can whatever word you're supposed to be drawing, and people type out guesses - earning points based on how quickly they get their answer in. Not a big deal, but it isn't something a lot of my friends really ever see me do, really..

and.. hmm.. I play the guitar here a lot.. playin along with mp3's on my computer for songs that I've pulled down the music (chords, mostly) for. Again, not really anything I do with other people, so my friends don't really see it much.

I would like to live a life of total leisure - just having fun! fun! fun! Having no responsibilities what-so-ever; just doing what I would feel like on a day to day basis. Of course for this to ever happen, I would have to win a lottery, or a jackpot on a slot machine, or have some distant relative or friend with much money, pass on and leave their moolah to me!!!!!:)

Loki- Non of your friends are surprised by this info you have shared.

eating macoroni in the bathtub

I know.. it's a hard question for me, becuase there isn't really anything I hide from anybody :)

It's not about hiding stuff, just quirky stuff like you chew your toe nails or something :)


Chewing your toe nails. That is hilarious. LOL!

Ok, now that I'm calm form the toe nail thing. Mine would be: I use my rolled up socks as footballs and pretend I'm palying football and winning the Super Bowl....Walter Payton style!!! Crash into my bed like I'm going into the end zone! Good stress reliever actually!

Sitting around doing nothing - reading, drinking coffee, snuggling...people don't think I can slow down, but I love it!

I sleep with a stuffed animal and a blankie and I am 30 years old. My blankie even goes on trips with me....even work related trips.

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