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[Photo: Hurricane Katrina by nikaboyce]

Tuesday, August 29 is the one year anniversary of the US landfall of hurricane Katrina. Please take a moment to remember all who lost their lives one year ago in such a tragic manner.

I firmly believe in collective thought and its inherent power to bring about change. Therefore, I also ask that you take a few more moments to reflect on and/or remember the following:

The survivors of the storm, especially those who are still trying to piece together the remnants of the lives they led prior to the disaster.

Those that are giving selflessly of themsleves to help the survivors put their lives back together and revitalize the devastated areas of the Gulf Coast.

The social, political, and economic issues brought to light by the storm, its immediate aftermath, and the manner in which the ongoing recovery effort is being conducted.

The ways in which humans are potentially orchestrating their own demise by disrupting ecological systems and disrespecting the environment, creatng ripe conditions for massive "natural" disasters.

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I can't even fathom what they went through, what they saw after it was over and where to go next. You ask yourself, where do we start? How do we do this? Who is going to help us?

Those who volunteer are hero's in the eyes of all who stayed behind to re-build their lives and should be thanked. I know someone personally who left about a month ago to go down there to offer his services and help with the re-build. I met someone last week who moved here from Mississippi after Katrina. I was not able to speak with her in depth but I will some day.

Politically, they started to play the blame game. Yes the levee in N.O. was unfit to hold back the water and should have been fixed prior to a mega disater such as this. Everyone knew eventually there was going to be a hurricane with this power to cause major havoc. Yes everyone and I mean everyone was given warning to leave and some still stay behind and complained why they can't be rescued at a moments notice. Don't need to go further on this point. Don't want to start a political uproar

Economically it has been devasting for these communities. At the same time, they will prevail and probably come out stronger then ever! If everyone puts their mind, body and spirit together, change will be better then its prior exsistence.

Just the other day I was reading through my first blog posts about Katrina, and I continue to be both proud and amazed at the outpouring of help to the victims of the storm.

Well said!

Great one Angela. Thanks for the reminder.

This catastrophic event is linked to some very important issues which will probably never be fully uncovered. For myself I cannot even imagine what all those people experienced during that hurricane - I freak when the weather in the midwest gets a little windy and rainy.

Flirting with Catastrophe should be the civic motto of New Orleans.
What a can of worms. The delicate underbelly of America was exposed with the aftermath of that Natural event on an unnatural world. The hubris of mankind is unmistakable in the apparent shock and awe reaction to the folly of building a city below sea level and at the mercy of Mother Earth.

It reminds me of the Monty Python's Holy Grail. Remember the part where the father of the bride is talking about building castles that sink into swamps..so we built another castle..until the last one finally stayed up on the wreckage below...I assume that is the plan for New Orleans?!

Well said, homo escapeons!

Will we ever learn?

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