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One Request

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A final question before the weekend...

If you could make one request of people everywhere, what would you ask that they do and/or not do?

Not quite sure what my answer is yet...

Have a great weekend!

For the do: Obey the Golden Rule; do unto others....

For the don't do: Don't swear to kill or convert everyone that doesn't subscribe to your religion.

Very enjoyable blog by the way.

I would just ask that people are nice to each other. Oh and everyone please give me £1.00. That'd be nice!

To educate themselves...Simply learn about what they hold close as a hate or what they dont understand.

to be more like Ghandi and less like Oscar the Grouch...

I liked the dollar answer.. I was thinking about something similar. :)

Maybe: could each person please promise to not kill "one" other person? Just, whenever it is, if it comes time to kill 9 people.. maybe just do 8, instead. If we can get everybody to agree we could save up to 6 billion lives! :)


The golden rule's a good one.. I do wish people would take an extra minute to try to recognize that "the other person", in every single story, every fight, every war, every love, every everything, is a person too, with their own thoughts and fears and joys and pasts that led them to the decisions they're making today..

I would request that people educate themselves enough to stay open minded about other people's thoughts, ideas, beliefs and values. Take a chance on these new avenues to accept what different people know. Together everyone can help each other grow in all areas of life.

"Harm thee none" as the golden rule.

and Do not be afraid of what you do not understand ......

Nice blog - I will be back .

I would ask them to be CHARMING and not TEDIOUS...

and give me $1..

that only equals $6Billion which is a moderate amount as far as Billionaires go.

I would ask that they become more patient and tolerant of others.

I would ask them to refrain from excessive shopping.

Welcome to all the new visitors! Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you around again soon!

Thanks for all the answers! Seems there are a few common threads running through most of the posts...we want people to be nice to each other....and...want them to give us money! :) Have to confess, I was a bit surprised at the former! ;)

I guess my answer would have to be that I would like people to reflect on how their actions and thoughts, no matter how trivial, affect others in both positive and negative ways -- and I wish they would keep this in mind before speaking/acting, and especially before driving!

Support your country and countrymen, especially in times like these, when the Western democracies face existential threats.

Burkean Reflections

If they live someplace where there's a right to vote, at least pay enough attention to the news not to elect obvious liars and self interested bullies to lead their nations.

do: Everyone with a household income that would put them into at least the catagory of "lower middle class" should have to live for one month as a person whose hosehold income is below the peverty line. Or better yet, as a homeless person.

don't do: describe a pregnancy as an "accident"
Unless you you tripped while naked and fell onto a naked man in some kind of very awkward position,and he just so happened to be aroused at the time, there was nothing accidental about it. It was unplanned or unintentional but NOT an accident.

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