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Posting FYI

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Just a few words about the planned publishing of posts...

I am planning on publishing a post about a more in-depth topic, such as that on Speciesism, approximately once a week. I know that forming and expressing one's opinion on such topics can take more than a few minutes, and that finding the time to participate in a discussion about such topics can be difficult. I therefore hope that the weekly rotation will allow more people time to participate! At the end of the posts, I will generally will put some guide questions to help start the discussion. However, no one should feel obligated to answer some or all of those particular questions -- they are only to serve as a guide. Feel free to make whatever comments you wish, and pose your own questions if you so desire. If the current topic isn't at the top of the post list anymore, one can link to it from the side bar under the 'contemplations' section. The current topic will be linked, as well as a number of previous topics. You can also use these links to go back and check out new comments regarding older topics!

During the time between the contemplation posts, I will publish a few 'small talk' questions, such as the Ice Breaker. These will require much less time to answer, as a short reply should typically be adequate! Again, links to the most recent/popular questions will be maintained in the side bar under the 'small talk' section.

Hope to hear from you soon!

You started out with a big one! :) Just need some time to organize some thoughts to do the topic justice ;)

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