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Never Forget

September 11, 2001

World Trade Center by ronallan

whatreallyhappened by Paolo Attivissimo

Shanksville, PA 2 by ArchangelVer1

Never Forget

Feel free to use the comments to articulate your thoughts and reflections

Words can't begin to describe...

Tony, exactly my thoughts, which is why post is only pictures...I think the emotions triggered when viewing them say it all.

I'll never forget...

This is from that same day.. Such an eerie reminder of the US being simply closed to the world.. and how quiet/empty the skies were for the weeks following...

I think it's too early for documentaries and mockumentaries and for Hollywood to remember for us -- when now so many of us continue to be in a speechless state when asked to share our feelings about that day.

It's tacky, and it's too soon.

Yeah, it's interesting the anger and powerlessness(?) I still feel when I watch those planes hit, and the recordings of 911 calls and such. I very distinctly remember sitting on the couch at home watching that 2nd plane hit live, staring at the TV for another couple hours after that in just a weird state of shock. The pictures of people jumping (and ones down on the ground of the same) were horrific... and I don't know how I'd ever begin to forget that stuff..

I do think documentaries and such are important (not sure about the Hollywood versions...) because it ensures that people will not forget. We have such a short attention span in this country, that the lessons that were learned, and still need to be learned, must always be at our fingertips. We become complacent so easily.

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