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Steve Irwin


I am quite shocked and saddened that the famed Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, was killed today. He appeared to have been a very charismatic man who devoted his life to raising awareness of conservation issues. He apparently died doing what he loved. Hopefully his family will continue to carry on his very important legacy.

That is so sad. I loved his shows and documentaries. Thanks for posting about this - I hadn't heard.

I'll admit I didn't like the things he did to the animals on his shows, or at least not the impression I got from what I was watching ( "Watch as I poke this dinosaur in the eye! He really hates it! Look how agitated he gets... crikey!" ).

It's still terrible to hear he was killed, though.. and I hope this doesn't turn into a giant joke machine for folks (including me, i spose) that may not've fully understood what he was striving to get across.

A question though.. isn't this how you assumed he'd pass away? In all seriousness, there was no way in my mind that he'd be killed by anything but an animal in some way..

Loki: I have long held tremendous respect for Steve Irwin. It is rare that you come across someone who is so inspired and motivated by his passion, and what he perceives to be his life purpose, that he risks his life to bring his message to others.

Steve Irwin's message was one of conservation and respect. Many cultures today do not respect our environment or our fellow cohabitants of the planet. We often misunderstand and fear these creatures. We disrespect them by viewing their lives as dispensible -- killing them to make a new handbag or purse.

I don't believe Steve Irwin ever intended to provoke or hurt any of the animals featured in his documentaries. He was trying to portray the brilliance and intricacies of these creatures to help the rest of us understand their beauty and purpose with the hope that this understanding would lead to a greater respect of these creatures by humans.

As you said, it is not a surprise that he was killed in such a fashion. Obviously the animals are wild and we are not able to predict their behavior -- but, the same is true for humans. YOu may think he was a bit "crazy" or radical, but it is usually these people who are capable of bringing about change in the world, because they are unafraid.

I just think it is unfortunate that we have lost a man with such spirit, and such an important message, in such an untimely fashion.

I think it's tragic that he was killed, but it seems right for me within the universe that he'd die by the bayonet of a stingray. I didn't know the man, but it seems like he would have wanted it that way, probably with different timing.

It just doesn't make sense for him to die of a heart attack or cancer or complications from some chronic disease.

It is a shame to see him leave us in the manner in which it happened. Someone with that much passion for what he loved to do deserves nothing but respect.

No one knows how their time will end and he lived life on his terms and enjoyed doing what he loved.

His legend will live on!

Rest in peace Steve. You've earned it. If mankind cared about the environment half as much as you did, the world would be a much better place. I have a post about it on my blog.

Lots of people are posting about him. He seems to have earned a lot of respect.

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