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A couple questions to lighten the mood and offer those who may be shy about posting a chance to introduce themselves!

What do you enjoy about reading blogs?

What are some of your favorite blogs?

The blogs I regularly read are listed in the 'blogs of interest' section. Homo escapeons, who writes the blog of the same name, wrote a great post on September 5 [which I can't directly link to :( ], titled "We are all Stars," in which he discusses how blogs have allowed so-called "ordinary" people to demonstrate fantastic abilities. You should definitely visit his site and give it a read. It's a great post!

I enjoy sharing ideas with others. It is nice to see everyone's opinions, values and beliefs and respect them for who they are. Everyone can learn something new and apply it in their life.

This is the blog I'm most familiar with but will explore others.

I recommend:
Conscious Living Journal (Don Iannone)

Cosmocracy (George Breed)


The best part is having an A-HA/Eureka! moment. When you are so set against of for some issue and some blogger has the nerve to completely dismantle your argument or get you to do a complete 180.
Then you have to go back and rethink your stance and bolster your resolve to dare put what you think about something out here in cyberspace.

..and laughing..some of these people are so funny and witty...it makes you realise how absurd we can get over issues...it is very healthy and constructive to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time...and at all of those other knowitalls..all 12 million of them!

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