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Blog Tenant

I am excited to announce that our new blog tenant is the Rudicus Report! Be sure to pay the site a visit by clicking on the thumbnail image in the side bar. The author's description of his intended purpose of the site is the following:
I started this blog on Election Day 2004 when I saw President Bush inexplicably get re-elected. Since then it has gone through many changes and is now armed with the mission of helping all world citizens think critically about their world, their government, their religion and their society.

By shining the light of reason on these parts of our world we can peel back the layers of propaganda, misdriection, misinformation, spin and outright lies so we can see the truth and THEN we can make our decisions.

The author writes poignant articles and raises thought provoking questions on a number of topics including religion, government and politics, critical thinking and society. Be sure to visit, comment profusely and say that Bold Contemplations sent you!


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