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Relationship Quote

[Photo: Love Rock2 by Paul of Vermont]

"The key to a lasting relationship is not falling out of love at the same time."

Do you agree?


Might be best answered by those in lasting relationships.. :) I'd ask too, if they had truly fallen out of love, what changed that made you fall back in? Did they change in such a way that made you need to step away? (and then... what? they changed back? or did you fall for the new version? :) ) Is it unrealistic to be in love the whole time?

The base concept of falling out of love is probably a different topic altogether.. but the people I've loved.. I love, still. Even with those relationships ended, I'd never have described us (or just me, i spose - shouldn't speak for them.. they may well feel like they jumped out of it on purpose :) ) as having fallen out of love. We certainly weren't together anymore.. but out of love?

Dunno.. it's a good question.

Yes..I mean No.
There is a finite hormonal imbalance that disrupts our emotional euilibrium that was designed by Mother Nature to secure pairbonding activities. The phrase crazy in love is quite accurate. After the serotonin levels begin to dissipate it is up to the individuals to keep it going.
It certainly helps to establish a realistic description of being in love. Love is such an overused and abused term...
like the following words
Baby Boomer
Greatest Hits
Five Star Hotel
Sexiest Man Alive
Oscar Winner...

If you are truly in love, I don't think you ever fall out of love. You can however make different choices and have different paths, but I think that is different.

Just because I don't want to be in a relationship with someone anymore doesn't mean that I stop loving them and wanting the best for them.

Hi calling in to say how pleased I am to be your the guest on such an interesting site for the week.

About love, I think being in love, is different from the act of loving, and it the acts of loving that keep relationships going.

I agree with H.E. that we often misuse the word "love" -- in particular when we use it to describe the intense chemical phase at the beginning of a relationship. You know, when the other can do no wrong, and nothing they do annoys you! :) This period of a relationship doesn't necessarily constitute love, even though we often call it that.

I agree that two people who truly love each other don't fall in and out of love on a whim. However, I do believe that the spirit of the quote is true in that our committment and devotion to a relationship may ebb throughout life due to external stresses we all experience (work, family, etc.). I think that during these times one party may have to work harder to keep the relationship on track, constituting a never ending cycle of give and take in the relationship.

I don't think you fall out of love. You just both think of leaving at the same time. Love is eternal and true love keeps going. You can posses true love for many people. It isn't just a romantic feeling.

I may have divorced my husband, but deep down I still love and want what's best for him.

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