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Please take a few moments to visit the new tenant, A Green Earth. The site's purpose is to bring attention to the increasingly urgent environmental issues and concerns facing humanity, as well as making sugestions for ways in which we all can make our lifestyles more green. In addition, the site features some of the beautiful artwork of the author, as shown to the left. Be sure to click on her link in the side bar!

The single greatest thing that we could do for the planet would be to sterilize the entire human race or relocate about 6 billion people to another planet.
I am not optimistic...no, I am completely pessimistic about this issue. The developing world will not stop trying to attain the crazyass 1950s endless North American Baby Boomer level of mass consumption.
What do you suppose will happen when 1 billion Chinese people start driving cars instead of bikes?
Who is going to tell them that they can't...do as I say not as I do.
The only consolation is that some sort of viral infection (Nature's oldest global conquerer) will solve our overpopulation problem for us..before we kill the planet.

Mother Nature is NOT amused and she will fight back.
Geez that's depressing...can't we just talk about LOST or Grey's Anatomy?

Mother Nature will beat the s**t out of the human race eventually! It is inevitable. Remember Pink Floyd's song back in 1994 off their Division Bell CD. The song is called 'Take it Back', describing how Mother Nature will take back what is her's without consideration of the human race. In fact she is doing so right now.

Like H.E. said, depressing and although I don't watch those two shows H.E., I do have a strong, heavy addiction to '24.' Heroine for T.V.! Don't know what heroine is like but.....Jack Bauer Rules!!!

Anyway, Mother Nature's voice is rumbling........

GO H.E.! Mandatory sterilzation for everyone!!!

( I get to go first..)

Yes, humanity is heading the way of the dinosaurs. I think in many ways it is part of the natural cycle of the planet, but we seem to be hastening our demise and really don't seem to care....

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