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[Photo: dance with me Mr. Color by decadentyou]

Have you ever thought about whether your favorite color provides any insight into your personality? Do people with similar personality traits identify with similar colors?

Humans have long been influenced by color. We use colors to categorize ourselves (blue, pink), describe our moods (green, red, blue), and to influence our state of mind. Each of us finds certain colors life-giving, while finding others devitalizing. The colors with which we identify change as our life circumstances and outlooks on life change.

Research in behavioral psychology has found that people invariably choose colors that directly associate with their current physical state and psychological needs. Current research topics include the manner in which light and sound frequencies affect the human psyche and its capacity for change. Paul Goldin is one of these researchers, and has developed a simple computer test, The Colorgenics Profile, to demonstrate that the colors which resonate with a person at that time are directly correlated to that person's current life circumstance and frame of mind. When taking Goldin's test, one is asked to choose among eight standard colors in the order of personal preference. The order in which one chooses the colors is analyzed and a brief personality profile is generated.

I found the results to be pretty accurate and am curious to know what your experience is. Goldin's test can be found here. Please click over, take the test (I promise it's very quick, about 30 seconds), and then use the comments to report on whether the results rang true for you!

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Huh! That was rather accurate! Tiny things aren't that true but it says something.

That's nothing but a ripoff of the 60 year old Luscher color test!!



Cool test! It was very accurate.

I can't say mine was completely accurate either, but those tests are still fun.

Angela...fun one. Thanks. The test said I should be a poet and not a businessman. I'm switching fields today. Hope you are well.

For whatever reason, my test results ring accurate. I guess there must be something to this. :-)

"am I blue,
am I blue,
ain't these tears in my eyes,
tellin' you"

All of this analysing makes me wonder what Socrates would say now about a Life unexamined? Now we have pop psychologists crawling out of every nook and cranny.

My blue stated that I was a self absorbed little wuss and an elitist control freak who wanted to remain aloof and left alone to wallow in my conflict free environment...wtf?...wrongo me boyo!
I just want to rule the entire universe and everything in it like any other normal human being! DUH!

Yeah, I don't like these online-tests.. seems like whichever one I take, it always comes up in bold red letters: SEEK HELP NOW


Loki: lol. Does that mean you felt it was accurate?

I found it accurate in a disturbingly probing kind of way -- some stuff that you really don't want to admit about yourself! :)

Somewhat accurate, but I'm not as motivated as the test seems to think I am!

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