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Game Shows

[Photo: competition by Andre Bernardo]

Seems like the new prime time force to be reckoned with is the game show -- Deal or No Deal, 1 versus 100, Show Me the Money. Personally, I find most, if not all, of these new shows quite contrived and much prefer the original game shows of decades ago -- Sale of the Century, Press Your Luck (No Whammies!), Let's Make a Deal. Perhaps, I am giving these classic shows more credit than they deserve, as I fondly associate them with my childhood and my grandmother. However, that made me wonder, has anyone been a game show contestant? On which show? What was your experience like? Did you win anything (a lifetime supply of Campbell's soup and laundry detergent?)?

And for the rest of us wanna-be contestants...

If you could be a contestant on any game show, past or present, which would it be? Why?

The Hater says he would play 'Deal or No Deal' because there's no real thought involved and you're almost guaranteed to win 50 grand.

I don't know what I'd want to play. My Sister and I used to really like watching 'Press your Luck' and 'Supermarket Sweep'... so I guess I'd default to one of those.

I have never been a contestant on a game show. I always wanted to be on $25,000 or $100,000 Pyramid. I loved that game show!!!! Dick Clark is the best!

Second would be Press Your Luck. Come on, No Whammies.....Stop!!! $5000+Spin

Angela, I remember Sale of the Century. Ahhh, being a kid in the 80's was the best! Flipping back and forth watching each game show. The memories.

Oh! Supermarket Sweep! I used to looove that show too! I think I need to watch the Game Show Network more...I wonder if they replay all these old cheesy shows! :)

Is it a loaded answer to say the Newlywed Game? hehe.. :) I remember playing along with an episode of that at home one day.. we wiped the floor with the contestant's that were on that day.. :)


I remember us -always- watching Wheel of Fortune at my grandparents' place.. My dad was really good at em, and if I remember right, he went and tried out for the show when he was in [wherever it is that they tape it].

Lots of The Price is Right, too, but I think that was just me watching from home -- and my biggest memory of that show was how crazy-expensive all the items seemed to be.. Small items were -really- hard to figure out.. Is this brand of soup $3.98 or $3.27 or $7.49? (audience yells all three answers, loudly...) It was almost always way more money than I thought.. hehe.. goofy. It was a bunch of years later that I finally realized I was just staring at an hour-long commercial for all those products. Every single time they'd bring something out, Johnny or Rod would describe what it was for and how super awesome the thing was.. Oh, and '[dramatic pause] A new car!!!', and it'd be like, an Aries K. tee hee.. But I really wasn't good at picking out the prices, so I wouldn't want to be on that game.. I'd just lose.

There was another one that basically was just the game Memory up on a big board, and after you got rid of enough pieces, you'd have to guess what phrase the image behind was supposed to be depicting.. I watched that one to death, too. Had you asked me back then, I think that's what I'd have picked, cuz I really liked games like that. (memory'y ones)

Today, I'm not sure, really. Like the Hater mentioned, you can make a lot of money -very- fast on Deal or No Deal, with little to no effort.. statswise, you may as well start on box #1, and keep movin through them until the amount feels right to you... literally identical to picking them at random. :)

The 1vs100 show is probably closest to what I'd want to try.. The format's quirky enough to give you a few chances even if you don't know somethin right off the bat.

Maybe a side-question, too.. Are there game shows you -wouldn't- want to be on? Things like Fear Factor I'd simply never go do... :)

Hate to say it, but I'd like to be on the "Deal or No Deal".

You're gonna walk away with something there!

I wanted to thank you for renting blog space to me this week. I appreciate it.

I have never been on a game show. If I could choose, I would want to play Jeopardy.

I remember when they gave you cars, trips, and money. One of those hosts was always pulling money out of his pockets.

I would refuse to go on a game show unless I was the quizmaster.

This is why I don't watch television anymore. If I had to be on a game, I would have to pick Jeopardy - at least there you actually have to know something.

I think this is a larger statement about the state of our culture than anything else. Might be a great topic to explore for the next Philosophy Blog War.

I'd love to try my luck at the Wheel of Fortune! I also enjoy watching Jeopardy but I don't think I'm brilliant enough to be grand winner. =)

I'd say Jeopardy! if I hadn't done that already. :)

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