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Your Bait?

[Photo: The Picture Fish by GodMadeMeFunky]

Here's an interesting question, made me smile:

If you were a fish, what would a fisherman want to use as bait if he really wanted to catch you quickly?

Question selected from The Conversation Piece 2.


a nice pink, juicy, and salty piece of steak would work for me.

Or, anything with a sandalwood scent...


Mike, you forgot the quantifier of 'vegetarian'! Very important! :)

I think attractive naked women would work or a really moist falfel.


A hot fudge sundae with nuts and a cherry. How funny!

Everyone, thanks for sharing! I was surprised that there were so may food responses!

Navillus: If she is naked, will you even notice if she is attractive? :)

I am a gravid revenous 2.5 ton Great White and I am starving!

I would like a large frantic mentstruating woman who had eaten lots of garlic and oily fish for lunch..yum yum.

Thanks for the great visual, HE!

Yikes, what a visual!

dark chocolate

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