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50 lbs

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I apologize for the recently large number of extremely short posts. Things have been hectic here recently, not affording me much time for blogging. Hopefully things will clear soon, but in the meanwhile here's a fun question to contemplate:

If you could have 50 lbs of anything other than money, what would it be? Why?

Question selected from The Conversation Piece by Nicholaus and Lowrie.

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Interesting question!

Books would be good. :) Or running shoes. I have really wide (but short) feet, so finding running shoes that fit is always challenging.

I am to lazy now to convert lbs in kgs. So if it's a reasonable weight I would choose a cat perhaps ??

I'd have 50lbs of Platinum, you didn't say it couldn't be worth money.


I assume the intent of the question was to make people think of something other than money or monet related things, so in the spirit of that, I'd have to go with 50 lbs of non-expiring 1st class airline tickets to everywhere in the world.

My back up would be 50lbs of books of course.

And gattina, you could probably get 4-5 cats for 50 lbs or a dog and a cat or maybe a small dog, two cats and a monkey.

I had the same idea as martin..I was going to say gold. So I will have to change my answer to steak and lobster.
I love steak and I would eat it every day if I could.

Or Magic Mushrooms, Concert Tickets to give away to my kids because I don't go anymore, frozen organs to transplant when mine give out...

how about giving away the 50 lbs that I have accumulated since high school...that would be my first choice.

I don't know. I hate making decisions.

I wish I could do the noble thing, but I've got a totally selfish answer: I'd like to have 50 pounds of papers full of "TOWP" hours. And then I'd take off of work to do something just for me, and not in any way related to cancer.

(50lb = 22.72kg Making that conversion is what I do about a trillion times daily.)

(a trillion pounds = 454545454545.45kg, FYI)

A 50lb warm and loving heart!

What creative answers, everyone! Thanks for sharing!

I'd have to say 50lbs of paid time off slips for work, then I'd have all the time and money to do whatever else I wanted.

(did I rip off your answer genderist? I'm not sure what "TOWP" stands for.)

diamonds. Or beef Jerky.

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