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Friend or Foe?

[Photo Earth, Center of the Universe by Orin Optiglot]

The comments to the previous post reminded me of a related passage in the book, Ghosts of Vesuvius, by Charles Pellegrino:

"If not for global deterioration of the climate, a pair of asteroid impacts, and a simultaneous volcanic catastrophe in India, the 'ossies' (ostrich dinosaurs), or something very much like them, might have built the first cities, discovered the age of the universe, and laid the foundation for ascent to the nearer stars. Nature did not "select against" the dinosaurs so much as plow over them without even noticing. Those who say we humans must be wise and be caretakers of the earth, or nature will take revenge against us, are missing a far more frightening, far more sobering point: Nature does not notice us. Nature does not care." (page 88)

When I first read this quote, I was quite taken aback. But upon thinking about Pellegrino's assertions, I decided that he makes some very valid points. I don't advocate abuse of the earth and believe that we should make every effort to give more than we take. However, do efforts to live in an environmentally sound manner really matter when viewed relative to the big picture? As we all know, since its beginning, the planet has been undergoing a constant cycle of change and remodeling. These changes ultimately made conditions right for the evolution of humans. As the earth continues to change, our race will eventually become extinct (if we don't annihilate the planet first). Natural events, of a caliber and type which may be currently unfathomable, could instantly make the planet uninhabitable for human life. Despite all our technological savvy, and no matter how "green" our lifestyles, humanity could become instantly extinct. It is definitely a sobering thought, demonstrating clearly the insignificance of the human race despite the size of our brains and our egos.

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