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[Photo: VOTE! The Whole World is Watching by cobalt123]

Did you vote on Tuesday? Why or why not?

I pose the question without any judgemental motivation. Given the current political upheaval, scandals and speculation, I am just curious to know why people did or did not choose to cast a ballot today. Is voting more important now than ever because, as the title of the photo states, the whole world is watching us?

Myself, I voted. However, the choice was not entirely my own, for reasons I won't elaborate on. If it was entirely up to me, I probably would not have gone to the polls, as I really do feel powerless, not usually siding with either of the major party candidates. Although, I am beginning to realize that it is just as important to cast a vote for the under dog, as any progress towards change is a step in the right direction.

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I voted.

I like the stickers

I did not. I live in a county that votes drastically in opposition to what I believe.. and the very day our side loses by 1 vote, I will readily admit that my vote would've counted for something. :) I'd have way more impact engaging in some sort of political activism.. encouraging hordes of folks to go vote in my favor.. but I don't do that.

So, when it comes back to just me, and my lonely vote, my liberty and patriotism aren't as powerful as my laziness.

Unfortunately in the state where I live not only did the Republicans win, but they actually gained seats (the only state in the country BTW).

Being trapped in Georgia makes it difficult to take your civic repsponsibility seriously. I live in Atlanta, a town filled with diversity as people from all walks of life cohabitate in peace and harmony.

Meanwhile the entire state surrounds us wavind a confederate flag cranking their country music to 11.

Reminds me a little of Masada or The Alamo.

I voted.

I value my freedom and my right to vote, so I excercise that. I can't stand to think of the people who have given their life/time/energy to earn/keep the right to vote, having done so in vain. It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to have a tiny minute voice in the process.

It is rare that I vote for the candidate/issue that wins (what does that mean?), but I still treasure my opportunity to contribute to the democratic process.

I consider it my civic duty.

I vote because it is a privilege. Many men and boys have lost their lives for us to have this right.

If you don't vote, you might as well welcome in communism or fascism. Seriously! If less and less people vote, "People" will just assume the positions of power and control and when you don't like what they are doing it will be too late...welcoming in the dawn of a new beginning, one of which I do not want in this country!

People complain about politicians in both parties. You don't like this, she doesn't like that. He likes this, but not that. I would rather have change and growth through democracy, then live miserably like they are in N. Korea, and other countries where the gov't and people are controlled by "one."

I do agree from a grand sense, that if we all stop voting, you're left with the potential for the "wrong" folks to end up in power.. (if 3mil people used to vote, and for one reason or another they -all- stay home, the communist candidate might win with 300 votes :) )

However.. my vote, mine, me, I -- only count for 1. My not voting will not lead us to communism. Even in the case above, if I show up at the polls, and 3mil stay home, communism still takes hold of the country. We still lose 300 to 1.

And voting for "your guy/gal" doesn't mean that she'll actually make decisions that you approve of. She may not enlist the help of cabinet members you'd agree with, and may face challenges never before dreamed of during the race - for all we know, and for all the (lack of) power we have over her, she could very well install communism right underneath your feet.

That's the bit that bothers me a lot about the system we're under.. I truly hate our actions overseas. My vote 2 years ago wouldn't have changed things today. My vote today, honestly, can't change our policy there. My local representative, even if he voted in my favor, wouldn't be enough to counter what we're doing there. (things have now changed in the house/senate, so now I'm super curious to see how often the veto stamp comes out) Again, my opinion is so far removed from its actual inception, that I have little choice but to be along for the ride and watch.

Engaging in very active political organizations may well be a path to some of that, but there's an interesting side argument that I don't think a leader is leading if they stop to listen to (and follow) every angry mob that shows up, either.

So, what do I actually want? Tada! I don't know. But I absolutely do not believe that my vote is a tool to get it once I know what it is.

I voted - straight Republican - and while in CA I am usually on the losing side I wouldn't miss an election.

We got a Repub. gov. and a Repub. insurance commissioner - but both very liberal.

Also I was happy a couple of the many bonds/extra taxes didn't pass.

So a few things went my way.


Angela...yes I voted. While at times I am disallusioned with the process, I think it's important to exercise this right. We cleaned house in Ohio...knocked out a whole generation of Republicans who were corrupt and complacent.

No. I have becomed disallusioned with politics...to the point of apathy.

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