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[Photo: Moonvertising by lokiv7]

When will advertising finally have gone too far? At what point will someone finally notice that I don't click on banner ads, or text ads, or the 30-second ads before online videos? I don't pick up the phone when they advertise things on TV or on the radio. I don't open the daily books of coupons I get in the mail. They get thrown away. Every 3 days I get something from Comcast asking me to dump my phone line and dsl, and switch to their competing product. Do they think the 67th new font presenting the same bad deal is going to sway me?

WHY(!) do these companies think I'm going to do these things? Are all of you out there clicking banners and buying goofy trinkets from the TV just because there's a model reading "This is awesome!" off of a card? Is anyone?

Granted, the moon thing isn't even technically possible with what the moon's made of, along with the incredible amount of energy you'd need. But honestly, if it were possible, would you put it past some marketing exec somewhere to broadcast a neverending Swoosh(tm) up onto the moon?

... are you their target audience? Have you been wishing you could see more logos everywhere you look, and currently find it annoying that you aren't sure what kind of shoe to buy while you're out with a loved one at midnight staring up at the moon?

Is this the technology you've been waiting for? :)

They are going to try and brand the Human Genome somehow. It's totally out of control.

The economics of the global economy are quite staggering..
just think if you could wrangle ONE penny from 2Billion people?

I don't know where it will end but all of those futuristic movies present a world that is completely smothered in advertising and propaganda.

It's all about the cash, in the end. And it's not just the companies, truly. How many folks own stock in these companies, trying to earn more interest than they get at the bank? The same people that complain about prices rising, are the ones demanding their corporations earn more money.

But, it's closer to home too. I read something the other day that talked about companies paying individuals $400 to tattoo their company logo onto a shoulder, and $1,000 if you'll put one on your forehead. That couple a few years back had all their wedding stuff sponsored for tens of thousands of dollars. And we accept.

Anybody want to work on a dream-ad machine? Little glowing orb on your nightstand that'll imprint ads during your dreams, and pay you cash for each minute's impression? :) I'm sure you could target the ads based on content, and earn even more money while you sleep.

I think I wouldn't sign up. But, what if it was $1,000 per dream? $365k a year, just to sleep?

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