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Would you?

[Photo: bunn-gas by lokiv7]

So, I thought this story was kind of interesting, and genuinely wondered what I'd do. Thought I'd post and ask you, too. :)

If you drove up to a gas station, late at night (no one present working the store, but the gas pumps are still accepting credit cards), and you notice the pumps have been (obviously accidentally) set to charge $0.33 per gallon of gas...

Do you fill up and high tail it out of there? Do you call and tell someone? Do you come back with a 50 gallon drum? :)

Do you feel it's stealing? Does the company have a right to ask for its money back?

If it was reversed, and the pump was accidentally set to $30.33 per gallon, and a customer inadvertantly filled their tank up, does your opinion still hold? Is the customer out of luck, or do they have a right to ask for their money back?

Interesting choice of topic given that someone just recently stole my license plate and then proceeded to steal gas with my plate on his/her car...

As far as your scenario....I probably would fill up at the cheaper rate. I guess it's technically stealing, but I think I could live with myself. Plus, I don't think the error would remain in effect long...once business started picking up I'm sure someone would realize what was going on rather quickly.

LOL, it just registered what picture you used.

I would feel guilty because the poor kid cowering behind the counter trying not to get shot on his shift would prolly have to pay the difference out of his pocket.

I think I would not believe the low price marked on the pump and would start filling my tank but I definitely would stop filling when saw there was a problem. It would be stealing. The gas belongs to the gas station until I purchase it. Taking what doesn't belong to you without paying is stealing. I would instantly think about the people who worked so hard for so many hours at that station for nothing, or who perhaps would get fired for making a mistake.

I would probably leave my car parked in the space so no one else could steal from the station, and try to get a hold of the police. It would be no different than if I saw someone carrying furniture out of my neighbor's house, or saw someone carrying merchandise out of a broken store window, or took supplies home from work. It's stealing.

i have no mercy for gas stations or oil companies.
i'd take it.
they'd have to write it off as a business expense.

High tailing it outta there wouldn't seem to do you much good if you'd used your credit card.
It is an interesting moral quandary though. I don't think I'd take advantage of the mistake.

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