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May the best man -- or woman -- win!

[Photo by lokiv7] -- Be sure to take a look at loki's new ventures into photography by browsing through his flickr album! And, be sure to say hi!

Who's your man? Oops -- or woman?

Do you know which presidential candidate most closely represents the issues that are important to you? Or, more importantly, are you even familiar with all the candidates that are running in the primary?

If not, don't fret and hurry to visit the Candidate Calculator! After you complete a short survey to detail what issues are important to you (don't forget to specify a priority for each issue), the site will report which candidate best represents your values. It will also provide a list of the runner-ups in each party.

I was quite surprised as to which candidate matched my profile -- unfortunately he is likely not a contender!

Let me know what you think.

I was surprised to see with whom I connected. Very interesting quiz.

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich (D) -- 89.23% match

Good times :)

Loki -- same as mine. I was surprised. And, like I said, not a contender! :)

It was a four way split at 86% for Obama, Dodd, Biden & Dodd!?

Do you supose that it is all for nought and that it is going to be a Rudy/Hillary thing?

I can't believe how early your Election campaign starts...and the money!!

I always wonder what motivates the other candidates to keep running in elections like this. When you have say, 3% of the votes early on... Are you hoping to double it by election day? Ten-times? Still lose with 10x :)

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