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My Apologies, Mr. President

[Picture: Muddy Camera Guy by bowers95713]

Finally proof that our president DOES have a clue and is likely smarter than he looks...and acts. Those of us who purported that the invasion of Iraq was a self-serving, power trip intended to line the pockets of Bush and his cronies with cash were SO wrong. Thanks to Washington University in St. Louis, the real motivation is no longer a mystery!

What is this up-till-now well kept secret?

It really is quite ingenious.

Apparently, Bush is actually waging a secret war against the ever growing girth of Americans, using al Qaeda only as a scape goat.

That's right -- as absurd as it sounds. A new study demonstrates that as gas prices climb, obesity rates decline. Apparently, people forgo McDonald's and Burger King to gas up their SUV's or decide to dust off the bike or walking shoes in lieu of jumping in the car. What better way to motivate Americans to shed those pesky pounds?

Perhaps we have even uncovered the reason why the Bush administration fails to actively support preventative measures for global warming. The special interest groups and lobbyists must have nothing to do with it after all.

Therefore, Mr. President, I must apologize for ever insinuating that the interests of the everyday American citizen have been the furthest from your mind since you stepped into the oval office -- the shape of America is definitely in your hands.

Maybe I'm just in the minority, but I've never truly adjusted my driving habits based on gas prices...

When the gas prices drop, do people suddenly jump up and go on road trips?

Although, I do avoid buying gas in the city if I can help it, just to avoid the taxes, and such.. *shrug* :)

I think it depends on the amount of expendable income one has. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, I am sure fluctuations in gas prices can be a hardship.

Gee, must be nice to be rich enough not to care about gas prices!

I guess what confuses me about this is the relative change in prices, and the apparent major impact it has on people's finances...

Was gas seemingly cheap at $2.50/gal, and now that it was $3/gal, it's impossible to afford?

It's the flailing arms over $0.50 that I don't understand.

How often do people pay an extra buck or three to the pizza delivery guy, which covers enough gas to drive 20 miles, instead of just driving to get it themselves, or saving the money altogether and making it at home?

That's really the core of my question... Is the issue how much gas costs? Or how much people are paying for everything else, that there's none leftover for gas in the first place?

Well then he's been doing an outstanding job only pretending to look like a moron. I'm impressed. Like Paris Hilton.

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