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"There are two kinds of secrets:
those we keep from others,
and the ones we hide from ourselves."

What are you hiding from others and yourself?

How would releasing your secrets change your life?

Check out the Post Secrets project

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If I told my secret then it would not be a secret and that is how I want to keep it - A SECRET!

You know that saying that opinions are like assholes? Well, secrets are the same way. Every person has one. There are some secrets that will come out over time, but still there are some that will stay hidden away and taken to the grave. That is the beautiful thing about secrets though. They are there to keep up grounded and to keep us realizing the person we really are as sometimes those secrets keep others uninformed and impressed.
You have to LOVE secrets for the power they hold over ourselves and the few people that might know.

It seems that you are saying that secrets can be liberating. However, I don't know that I agree. Seems to me that the only reason to have a secret is because of the fear of how others might react to the hidden knowledge. And nothing good ever comes out of fear.

I would not say that I am saying secrets are liberating, I would say that secrets are reality checks. All those secrets that are kept are definatly out of fear of judgments and reactions from others, but on the same hand, all of those secrets we keep are there to remind us of the person we are or have been. Keeps our heads out of the clouds I guess

Agreed -- I guess they can serve as reminders of where we have been and where we would not like to travel again.

However, I think each secret we hold on to stops us from being able to share a part of ourselves with the world.

You still have to be aware of the effect you'll have by telling those secrets though, and truly be sure you're not just making things worse through the reveal.


Over the weekend I was out with some friends, and one of the girls' boyfriend was sharing "secret" stories from back in his high school days about some pretty cruel behavior to animals. One story after the next, told presumably to show how different he was today than then... but, he really didn't even say that... It was just "Hey, here's something you guys don't know about me yet!"

Better left a secret? Or truly better told in public to possibly release his guilt?

Does someone wanting to let go of their secret mean that those that are around to hear it deserve to carry it instead?

I would rather not have heard the stories at all.

Loki -- you bring up a good point, sometimes another's secrets can become someone else's burden.

But I wonder who is at fault in such situations -- the person revealing the secret or the recipient for allowing the information to bother them?

I guess each of us has a list of subject matters that makes us uncomfortable, whether related to secrets or not.

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