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What an excellent metaphor to explain the sexual frenzy of high school grad night! Those kids are gonna make up for 17 years of repression in one night!

I realised that even with Enya chanting I really hate bugs! Living underground for 17 years, how ridiculous is that?

Insects and Arachnids had their shot in the Carboniferous and Permian Eras and they blew it.

This clip also made me mad at squirrels. It seems that these little buggers are into everything. I have been mad at squirrels for years because they chase cute little songbirds away from the feeders.

Ok I just remembered that I like Butterflies and Dragonflies and Ladybeetles...my 5yr old son likes to explain to our guests that some Ladybeetles are dudes...very PC n'est ce pas?!

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