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Today's fast-paced world filled with instant gratification often leads to short attention spans and poor communication and listening skills.

How well do you absorb information and follow directions?

Take this fun test to find out!

How far did you get on your first try?

Great stuff.

I'm apparently a genius! Which means above average..if I ever meet that little smartass in the street I'm gonna...give him a high five.
As long as I performed better than Koko the sign language Gorilla I can live with myself. Koko scored a 50 or something on the old Stanford Binet!

Compare and despair I always say...well now I suppose we are ready to tackle those elitist smug little so&so's at MENSA.
Let me at 'em!

Ahem.. you're not a member are you Angela? Are you a Bright?

hahah.. it's funny you say they're elitist.. We got into a huge argument with a friend of ours about that (she's a member, and did NOT like the elite title being thrown around).

I did make it to the end of the test ("You can now consider yourself as: Brilliant, way to go!"), after 2 or 3 tries at it.. "Lightest square" got me... :)

Same for me, Loki -- as in it took me three tries to get to the end of the test. :)

The short version: I'm just above average in real life. :)

nope, not a MENSA member :) I don't think they would have me...!

I know that the BRIGHTS are trying to steal some of their thunder.
I've thought about starting a new org called DENSA. Labelling yourself as 'smarter than you are neener neener neener' is just another form of discrimination..MENSA is an ism.
On the other hand there are so many 'misinformed' & 'undereducated' individuals that participate in our Democracy and who are allowed to vote, reproduce, and 'gum up the works' that elitism does have some appeal to anyone with an IQ over 100...what a load of crap what do you think the average IQ really is? What percentage of Mensa members are Republican?

..and where does good old COMMON SENSE fit into this equation? Anyone with a smattering of CS should automatically be allowed to live TAX FREE.
I'll stop now...sorry...I got a little carried away.

I used to belong to Mensa. I got bored with it.
I believe I am a chronic novelty seeker.

I'm brilliant, Woo Hoo! (*ahem* after more than 1 try, and ya it was the blue square that got me)

Hey there, Blogmad hit.

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