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Book Worm

[Photo: Flower Book by MGShelton]

If someone was looking for you in a bookstore,
in which section would he/she be most likely to find you?

What is your must-read recommendation from that category of books?

Question selected from The Conversation Piece 2.

In the immortal words of Ziggy Marley..
"Don' know yer past
you don' know yer fewtcha!"

I was at the Grand Opening of a HUGE Bookstore a few years back and while waiting for my wife I stood near the centre of the store to do some people watching...and everyone seemed so friendly I must have had about 20 guys smile and say hello within a matter of minutes...
when my wife found me I told her how friendly the atomosphere was...she smiled and pointed to a huge sign directly above my head that read Gay Issues.

You must read
Origins by Asimov,
Life On Earth by Attenborough and The Culture Of Narcissism by Lasch.

i would be found in the biopunk section

I like autobiographies but you'll find me in the fiction department looking for people with strange names. I recommend On Green Dolphin Street by Sebastian Faulks. The end is heartbreaking but I've read it several times.

I'm kinda a sci-fi/fantasy geek. But then, I also read a lot of non-fiction, history/anthropology/physics. So you could find me in any of those sections.

But if I was going to recommend, it would be Steven Brust, hands down(for fiction.)



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Also, to reply to this post, I would be in the sci-fi or poetry section.

Music section.....All Music Guide to Jazz.

I'd like to think you couyld find me behinf the counter.

I'd probably be directing people to the science fiction & fantasy section, or the religion and spirituality section, or to the ancient history or science section.

History section. Love History.

Must read would be anything by Stephen Ambrose.

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