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The Perfect Present...not!

How often have you received gifts from someone who you thought knew you well and wondered," What was s/he thinking?!" I thought this commercial cleverly demonstrated these sentiments:

That got me wondering...

What is the worst or most bizarre gift that you have received?
For what occasion?

My worst present was a six pack of socks.

Why give bad presents when you can get a list. However if you surprise her, make it nice.

the guy with the vacuum got me laughing!

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Probably the Temporary Restraining Order that Jodie Foster sent me for Christmas...
sheesh, never saw that one coming!

Have a great holiday Angela, Merry Chrismakwanzakkuh!

The worst was the gift I just got from my partner's grandparents - a sweater vest - wowch.

I have a standing order if you don't know or aren't sure - Border's or Amazon GC is your best bet.

Buono Saturnalia!

Just nasty!! lol

that was painful to watch.

btw, i'm here via blogmad.

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