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[Photo: Porton by gdiazdeleon]

by Ruth Goring

Thank you for saving my soul.
When you brought it to me dark
& dripping, I wondered how
to be gracious. Your find,
my pain. I hadn't asked you to root
in those pipes--at least not
that deep. So here I stand
smiling & nodding feebly
while you scrub my soul under
running water, dry & polish it
tenderly, present it to me shining
like your eyes.

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why is it called plumber and is it a raunchy piece (the bit about pipes being rooted.

unusual post. i like it...i think

Jonathan (plumbers london union)

Jonathan, thanks for visiting. No, it isn't a raunchy piece (at least not based on my interpretation). I think the author was using plumbing as a metaphor to represent the effects of emotional and honest relationships. All in all it's a poem; allow a bit of artistic freedom when reading of it. Thanks for commenting!

Yeah, I think you always have certain folks that can see past all the defense and nonesense we throw up to protect ourselves.. and while we didn't ask them to, and didn't know the depths they'd reach, we can still appreciate them for it just the same (if not more) :)

Some years back, I very clearly remember having ginormous walls all around, stacked layers deep to keep from getting hurt (again), and met somebody that walked straight through, and sat on a chair beside me, smiling. 'Erm. But.. the walls?' 'What walls? Hi.' !

Ah...so beautifully said. Thanks for sharing this delightful poem.

Metaphor is an interesting thing. I've read it four different ways, all of them as unlikely as the next.

I suppose it's in the eyes of the reader.

It's one of the reasons such poems reach people, because it's not only the author writing it, it's a joint project written by the hands of an author, and with the mind of the readers.

The photo is drop dead - do you know the photographer? Very Nice work.

Navillus -- yes, it is a great photo. I don't know the artist -- just a great find on flickr!

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