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[Photo by lookingforbeauty]

I believe you should always share a good thing, and I'd like to do just that.

I came across a beautiful picture blog and wanted to share it with you. The blog is titled, Pictorial, and features the photography of Sarah Julianne. Sarah lets her images do the talking, as she purposely does not publish verbal posts. She elegantly describes her site in the following quote:

"The reason I don't post any messages is because I wanted to create something totally free from bias and self satisfaction, if that's possible. I wanted to sway attention solely to the art without an explanation of it or without trying to 'convince' appreciation. I set Pictorial, intentionally, to let the art be self explanatory in hopes it would gauge a true and honest reaction. If they hate it, I want them to, vice versa."

Sarah's photographs are a wonderful mix of beauty, intrigue and provocation. Everyone will surely find something they love at Pictorial.


Who doesn't love a hummer?
Beautiful, colourful, the highest metabolism in the animal kingdom, they can hover, go in reverse!?
Isn't amazing how such a little thing can bring so much pleasure to one's life?

Make sure you vote for her in The wblog Awards 2006 .


You're right; her photos are superb. Thanks for pointing me in her direction.

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