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What's in a name?

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Based on my site traffic, there has been a lot of interest in my previous post about Colorgenics. Therefore, I thought I would bring to your attention another web site that provides similar insight into your personality.

The purpose of the site is to provide an interpretation of the name you were given at birth using numerology. Click over to the site here. Enter your full name as it appears on your birth certificate in the box and click submit. Be sure to use the full name you were given at birth -- no nick names or name changes (including marriage).

I found the results to be quite accurate. Let me know what your experience is. Enjoy!

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I read my results aloud to my husband, who laughed and said they knew me head-on. His name info wasn't as head-on as mine was.

So for us it's 1 for 1.

Angela...thanks. I took the tests. See my website for the results. This is VERY cool!

how interesting ... My friend just did a number on me! ... somehow I don't think we are talking about the same thing!

Actually, there were some credible points I think ... but is there a point where we begin to move beyond?

Not so much..
it did however reveal a perfect description of Ted Bundy!

This was such a cool test.

I've seen about a 100 if not more of the same type of thing, but never were they this accurate
It was especially interesting, as some of the things mentioned there are ambitions which I have been to shy to express to most people!

H.E., maybe you are just in denial...! ;)

I guess so..if being a self absorbed yet charming sociopathic killer is wrong..I don't wanna be right.

What's interesting is that these types of things seem to be 50-50 - some hitus head-on and others are off. I know for my, the Myers Briggs is dead on accurate, but when I've done numerology or the Enneagram they were way off.

I wonder if personality tests are alot like self-help modalities, each one helps the people that they are designed for - OR if the personality types that are spot-on are reflected by the personality of the test creator - what do you think?

Navillus -- I often wonder about the same thing. I find it interesting that some say the tests are 100% accurate while others deny any accuracy. Given that for some the tests ring true while for others they don't, I wonder if the inaccuracies are reflective of dormancies in one's personality rather than untruths -- undiscovered facets! Perhaps environment and experience has a lot to do with what facets of our personalities become developed,and under or over-developed.

Hey Angela thanks for the link to this tool. I enjoyed it. After using it I stumbled upon another even better one which actually determines if your birth name is the right one for you, so that it provides you with the best luck in life possible. I love it! It's here: http://www.gonumerology.com/q/

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