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Happy Thanksgiving

[Photo: Family of Friends by iampeas]

The approaching holiday season is a time to reflect on and give thanks for the people and things that are important to us.

What are you most thankful for this holiday season?

Americans are often stereotyped as self-involved and materialistic, often losing sight of what is important in life. While there may be some truth to the statement, it most certainly does not characterize the American people completely.

The current political upheaval,
domestic and international, our country faces has overshadowed many of the great blessings America has been given, as well as many of the collective strengths of the nation's people. Therefore, I propose that in addition to giving thanks for our personal riches this season, we also reflect on what makes our country great and give thanks for our nation's blessings.

What should the American people be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
What do you believe characterizes the true essence of the American people?


America is not the only nation to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Canadian Thanksgiving is in October... and localized 'Thinksgiving' events take plae all over the world. After all, its really just a harvest festival that we formalized into a national holiday.


What am I most thankful for?
My right to choose and believe.

What should the american people be thankful for?
That same right...you have the choice to believe your own instincts or believe what other people tell you to be the truth. Of course, avoiding choice is a choice in itself.


A Forgetful God

Have a Blessed Holiday

Thanks for the correction, tp. That was a silly mistake on my part. Will correct the error.

I am not American, but I would say that as a nation you should be thankful for your freedoms that unfortunately not all in the world share at this time.

I have long admired the positive outlook many Americans have.

I think you should be grateful for your wonderful jazz -which reflects the crucially important qualities of freedom, democracy and initiative.

We should be thankful that we don't live in Darfur.

Americans should be thankful that they have us Canadians next door.
We are your Jiminy Cricket, the little voice on the shoulder of your collective conscience. Our message is that contentment can be found in moderation.

The zero sum gain polarity of your country is driving the rest of the world crazy! Enough already!

As soon as my nose shrinks I'll finish my comment...but I can't see the monitor from this distance.
Prime Minister P. Nocchio

We all have things to to be thankful for and not just today.
Here are a few of mine.

Peace be with you

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