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Person of the Year

[Photo by toms pixels]

Who would you nominate as the person of the year? Why?

Maybe some combination of Gates/Branson, for all their announced humanitarian stuff this year? It's nice to see folks with this kind of financial strength tackling things that seemed daunting to fund before.

Also some token person-of-the-year acknowledgement prize to the pres of Iran for successfully learning to play the same games that our political folks have been doing for decades (conditional international help (I'd love to help, as long as you ...), always characterizing the 'other' side as terrorists, etc.) I get a kick out of the stuff he writes to our govt (and us, he says, in the letters), and he's certainly had an impact on the minds of a huge percentage of the population in one way or another.

Prem Pal Rawat (my spiritual teacher)....for teaching me and others how to access my inner world of joy.

For me the person of the year would be my daughter, Angela. She always seems to show me the other side of the coin; sometimes not in a charitable way. However, I know that she means for me to understand, to realize and to know the absolute truth about many, many facets of life - some facets about which I can be quite ignorant.

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