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[Picture: punctuation by trebol-a]

Which punctuation mark/character (other than a letter or number) would best describe your personality? Why?

Question selected from The Conversation Piece 2.


How fun! This is hard... and I'd say the "character" you choose would change from day to day, like the little how do you feel today magnets where you move the frame to stick over the little man with the happy face if you're happy and the tired face if you're exhausted... although there is a base "I usually tend to be" character mixed up in the neopolotin, too.

And! It's harder still because I'm looking at each of these, studying them, justifying in my head how I could argue in favor of them (except for maybe the one with the partially eaten apple on it... I like apples, especially Pink Ladys, but that character really doesn't reveal mine, and isn't that the point?).

And although I interpret myself to be inquisitive (?) and creative (~) and a "do-er" (*) and someone who tries to hear both sides of a story (+) and a slightly OCD list-maker (:) and the writer in me wants to pick the (") so I can say that a different character was driven to choose (and the apple is still intriguing)...

Even though it's technically two characters intsead of one, I'm going with the parentheses "( )" to describe my personality. I'm the diplomat, the clarifier, the person you want to have around if you're in a hostage situation, the let's-figure-out-where-we're-going-before-we-move-any-further person. (And, let's be serious, everybody loves a good aside.)

That was hard.

Oooh.. thats hard.. I don't know if just one punctuation can define me...


I'm a "?". I question everybody's motives. I always want to know the whys.

The semicolon; I enjoy connecting what does not seem to belong together and refuse to come to an early full stop.

? with bits of other punctuation marks thrown in to make a confusing mixture.

Definitely the question mark!

I'd say the semi-colon, just when I finish saying something, I always want to add another thought. Why my friends joke about me talking a lot..LOL good idea for a post!

Coma. i like to bring things together smoothly

? !
I need both because I look at this world and I say to myself

I know this is a little late, but I'd have to go with parens too (I use them in almost every single thing I write; I want to be sure what I'm saying comes across with just the right amount of [something] behind the words). The ellipse follows pretty close behind...

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