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Easy there, Granny.

[Photo Thelma Bowling by Earl]

So... Seriously.

I keep reading horror-stories about people buying these Nintendo Wii's, and through "no fault of their own", the wireless remotes go crashing through their plasma TV screens when someone lets go while playing. :)

Is this Nintendo's fault? The player's? The TV company's? If I go buy a dartboard, can I sue the company that produced it in order to pay for the repairs to my wall anytime I miss?

The question: Who's responsible? Should folks be able to sue Nintendo?

When does personal accountability come into play?

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If you break your TV while playing, it's your fault. To me it's no different than you practicing pitching a baseball in your living room, if you let go you will probably damage something. Just because there is a "safety strap" doesn't mean you can be careless.

Also, I don't think that strap is meant to take the full force of you letting go at the peak of your motion. I was playing wii this past weekend and very very minor changes in motion will trigger the effect you want. I didn't need to do a full baseball pitch for the ball to pitch (kindda a dissapointment with the system actually, i couldn't do a fast, slow, curve ball, everything was the same). I didn't need to get a running start followed by a full swing to bowl. So point is, i don't need to go full out for the game to work either.

People are sue happy these days and I think we've lost a sense of responsibility. Actually, what we've lost is common sense.

It is the playa's Wii-sponsibility to keep a firm grip on his wii wii,
and a sense of reality!

I have a friend that worked for a company that does accident investigations.. cases where families sued auto manufacturers when their relatives were killed in high-speed collisions with trees, and such.

The argument each time was that the vehicle's design was at fault, not the excessive speed, or misworn (or not worn) safety-belts, etc.

Is there an expectation of absolute safety that folks hold today? That, as long as there's a strap, or a belt, or a harness of some kind, that any risk has now vanished; and if something -does- happen, it's the corporation's fault? :)

What ever happened to the Atari 2600?

People kept suing over the circular indent the controllers left on their hands when they'd squeeze the things too hard.. :)

Just like Intellivision (my favorite growing up). Those side buttons on the controller were killer on your thumbs, leaving these crazy rectangular indentations. Perhaps I should sue Intellivision now! Let's see...where's that address... ;)

ther eis supposed tobe a strap on the thing to keep it in your hand I thought. Maybe that's why they are upset. The strap doesn't work.

It's absolutely why they're upset.. The straps on the things are breaking, but when they get into more detail, it turns out that they were whirling around in blind abandon with the things, beyond what they were designed to handle (and way beyond what the game needs you to do to work).

To be fair, I don't know what the weight/force limit on the original straps is. Maybe it truly is too small - and ideally these new ones will handle more force - but, again, how much? If major league baseball pitchers chuck their wii remotes at the tv at 90+ mph and let go, will the new straps hold? should they be expected to? :)

I played a wii over the holidays... there was no risk of me throwing anything 90+ mph.

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