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[Photo: into the dark by are you my rik?]

"The more you trust folks,
the less they let you down."

The Universe

Hmm,I have found the opposite to be true... The more I trust people, the more I am let down.

Yeah, i've been told continually that the only reason I'm let down as much as I am is because I'm "too trusting".. so I'm not sure I agree with your friend, the universe. :)

But, nonetheless, I still choose to trust anyway. In the end, I don't believe they're related. If someone wants to let me down, almost by definition, they aren't going to consider how much I trusted them before they do [whatever].

In assessing the validity of the statement, I think it is important to distinguish between trusting someone and trusting someone to do what you expect. The latter most often leads to disappointment.

This has nothing to do with the subject, but I'm your new renter...Hi! Actually I was browsing your profile and saw one of your musical likes...Will Hoge. I am a big fan of Will Hoge, just search my site and you'll find plenty of posts about him. I love finding others that like him, he's still fairly unknown out there to the the general public.

Hi John, thanks for stopping by! Always glad to hear of a fellow Will Hoge fan -- I love him! Have seen him live a number of times; never diappoints.

> I think it is important to distinguish between trusting someone and trusting someone to do what you expect.

I guess I don't see the difference here. If I can't trust someone to meet my expectations, what exactly am I trusting them to do? What am I trusting them not to do?

Just saying I trust them, with no expectation of action (good or bad) feels like an empty compliment.

I'm not saying that it means they'll follow my orders, or give me things that I want.. But if I trust them to keep me safe, it may well mean that they'll do things I don't immediately like (but, their actions keep me safe). That's still a very specific expectation on my part that they make decisions related to my safety. If I trust that they'll protect me, and they don't, what good was my trust? Do I have a right to be angry? disappointed?

Maybe a different question..

Is trust a real thing? Or something we just say?

thanks for blogging one of my shots! that's quite flattering =]

nice quote to go with it as well. i think that if we have to choose between trusting and doubting, it's always best to err on the side of trust--you'll end up less cynical and probably have closer relationships with family and friends if you do. =]

Hmmmmm....I try to trust the Universe....
but as to individuals it is surely a matter of what degree of trust is appropriate.....rather than the extremes of complete trust or complete mistrust.

Rik: Thanks for stopping by -- what a great photo! Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. Hope you find time to visit again!

Loki: Thanks for your comments. I will explain myself tomorrow...tired. :)

Rob: Thanks for sharing. Can you really "trust" in degrees? If there is any doubt can it be labeled "trust" then? Seems to go back to Loki's question, "Is trust a real thing?"

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