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Generation Y

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A recent survey of 18-25 year olds revealed that Generation Y holds more tolerant social views than its predecessors. These young people tend to favorably view typical "liberal" issues such as immigration and gay marriage. The survey also probed to determine what the top life goals of the generation are. Those surveyed were asked to pick their generation's top two most important life goals from the following: to be rich, to be famous, to help people, to be leaders in their community, and to become more spiritual. By an overwhelming majority, those surveyed picked "to be rich" and "to be famous" as their generation's top life goals. I found this result to be a bit disturbing and scary.

Does it surprise you? Do you feel that it points to a self-involved and self-serving Generation Y? Are we failing to teach our children compassion and humanism? How will this affect the future of our country?

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Well, I think if they're found to hold more tolerant social views, we're at least heading in the right direction :)

If they're kind to one another, and famous, that's alright by me. :)

For better, for worse. That's the beauty/tragedy of a capitalist economy...

Disturbing in my view.

Rob, I agree. Do you think the results would differ if 18-25 year olds in your country were surveyed?

So... they wish to be more tolerant of those who are "different"... but want to succeed on a personal level.

Think about that...

If you're "more tolerant" and accepting, then chances are, you're already more likely to lend a hand and be helpful... Ergo: This information CAN be skewed to serve and tell us "The kids are self centred!"... but if you REALLY look at it, those "self centred kids" want a more tolerant society.

To say that these kids ONLY thought about themselves is obviously incorrect.

Face facts, folks... if someone offered you a chance to give away $10,000.00 to the poor... or to have $1,000,000.00 for yourself, which would you choose and why?

Chances are the latter because, obviously, you could DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE the amount you gave... and still have "you're own".

This was likely the mindset of those polled.

Polls, in essence, are almost always skewed... Take these two questions...

How do you feel about state-sponsored training and on-the-job experience for underprivileged kids that will also give them a sense of belonging, leadership, order, and a good general work-ethic in service of the people of the country not to mention a chance to have a good education funded by the government after the successful completion of their tenure?


How would you like to teach the underprivileged youth to use weapons and kill people more effectively?

...which could be...

How would you like to see the mandatory draft reinstated for poor kids?

Anyway, in order to understand the ramifications of the poll blogged about, you NEED to know the mindset of those taking it... and understand all the data.

What's displayed seems more like a skewed "sound bite", sorry to say.

Doesent surprise me at all.

It does scare me a lot - but when we have a society that holds those values highly and promotes and rewards them what else can we expect.

I don't know. It wouldn't surprise me if things are likewise here.

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