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How well do you think you know those that are closet you? Would you be surprised if they kept a dark secret of which you had no knowledge? I often contemplate how well we can really know another person, let alone how well we can predict our own behavior when presented with unfamiliar circumstances.

For some reason I was really struck by the bizarre story of the woman who found a mummified baby boy wrapped in 1957 newspapers upon cleaning out a storage locker filled with the belonging of her deceased parents. The remains were found in a suitcase and were extremely well preserved due to the moisture absorption properties of the newspaper. DNA tests are being conducted to see if the baby is the woman's relative.

I can't imagine what the woman felt when she discovered the remains. Can you imagine the questions that she has? How frustrating it must be that her questions may never be answered given that both her parents have passed away. Moreover, was the inability to part with the boy an immense act of love? Or something less noble?

I don't want to know all of my wife's secrets..well I do but I don't...what if I can't handle some of them..these are events from the past.
I suppose if I thought that some of them were affecting our day to day lives somehow then I would expect her to tell me but we all carry a few things to our graves...well except for Celebrities who think that we need to know about everything and are complete narcissists.
I have examined and shared most of my secrets..I have maybe 3 secrets that nobody else knows about..correction...nobody else knows all 3 of them but other people know atleast one of them...I don't like bottling things...eats away at me.

Secrets are actually things that drive wedges in between us I think. That assumes that the secrets will be of service if they are let out.

If the secret has no effect on you or the world around you anymore, then leave it be, but if it is still causing tension, then you have to take the power away and deal with it.

I think most so-called "secrets" are really just fear of rejection or judgement.

Family secrets are very common. These secrets are often, but not always, destructive in my opinion.

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