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Who would you call?

[Photo: Love by Purzlbaum]

"If you had an hour to live and could only make one phone call --
who would you call,

what would you say,
and why are you waiting?"
-- Stephen Levine

What is keeping you from telling the people that you love how you feel?
Are you too shy? Are you waiting for a more convenient time?
The best time is now.

Tell three people today how much you love them.
Tell them in person. Make a phone call. Send an email.

You will brigthen their day as well as your own!

I tell every single person who needs to know that I Love Them every chance that I get.

My Father died suddenly while I was in College I vowed that I would never pass up an opportunity to tell people that I Love Them.

My assumption is that every time that I step out of the door could be my last..the term 'I'll tell them tomorrow' is not in my vocabulary...
Life is too fickle to be that careless.

Well said, H.E.!

If we do that every day won't the phrase lose its power?

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Barry: I somewhat agree, but I that is one of the great challenges of all relationships, both platonic and romantic -- to not become complacent and always mindfully appreciate the little things.

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