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Please stop the hypocrisy. Lawmakers have taken away our freedom of choice in many areas, supposedly in efforts to preserve the good of the common welfare. We can't ride in a car without a seat belt. We can't eat trans-fats. We can't partake in recreational drugs. However, they have consistently back peddled regarding cigarettes. What's worse? French fries with lunch or 2 packs a day?

R.J. Reynold's recent press announcing a new line of cigarettes meant to attract more women smokers to the Camel brand really annoyed me. Why are such blatant dangers to public health allowed such public press and advertising? The legality of promoting such a lethal drug makes no sense. If I don't wear a seat belt, I am the only person who will suffer the potential consequences. However, lighting-up indirectly affects me as well as all those around me.

Obviously, the answer to my questions is money. But how can those who directly and indirectly profit from the sale and advertising of cigarettes not consider their gains to be blood money? How can one morally choose financial gain by knowingly abetting a deadly addiction? I don't think I would be able to sleep at night if it was me.

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Everybody has a price, honey.

I hope they don't call their new Ladies brand Camel Toe.
Here in Canada on every package they print huge warnings and pictures of blackened lungs and statistics on the causes of death on every package...I am always surprised at how pervasive suicide is.

genderist: Yes, everyone has a price; some people's prices are much lower than others'. The fact that money makes most people's worlds go round is what is taking our country and world in the wrong direction, imho.

HE: Camel Toe, that's hilarious. You should send that suggestion in to R.J. Reynolds.

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