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Quick Fix

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I am so tired of hearing news stories about public figures who commit some stereotypical faux-paux and, upon a few weeks of "rehab," are cured of their "ailment."

You know what I am talking about: Isaiah Washington of Grey's Anatomy who began "counseling" after using a homophobic slur to refer to his co-star. Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco, who is entering "alcohol counseling" after having an affair with his aide's wife. Or, most recently, Ted Haggard who is now "completely heterosexual" after three weeks of "intense counseling."

Give me a break. As far as I am concerned, these marketing tactics are extremely disrespectful to the American public. Is the public really so gullible as to believe that these characters have changed lifelong values and beliefs after three weeks? It seems so. However, sadly, these figures are simply telling the public what they want to hear, not confronting their demons.

Why is it so easy for these public figures to fall back into grace? Most of us wouldn't tolerate such excuses and naivety in our personal lives, so why do we tolerate it from our leaders and public figures?

The manipulation has to stop. Take the blinders off.

I think we're equally quick to throw the labels on though, too.. Kramer was barely home that night before the world had him labelled a racist and hate-mongerer, and all that.. And just the other day, it took the world barely a moment to switch from heroic woman of science.. to crazed space murderer.

In the end, I think it's just that we don't know these people in the first place, so it's so easy to cast whatever label we want, and just as quickly take it away... why wait? :)

Yeah, I've found it hard to keep up with all the profound changes of heart and even religious conversions of public figures too. I guess they live more fully and intensely than ordinary folks - that must be it.

Paul (formerly "Darius" of possiblegospel)

Loki -- I agree with your comments and believe that people often make snap judgments without possession of all the facts.

But what frustrates me are the marketing tactics aimed at preserving the "respect" that these people once had which undermine the intelligence and sense of the public. Are the majority really so gullible? Let's stop beating around the bush and address the real issues.

Yeah, it is quite twisted how these things are portrayed. As everybody knows (or should know!), alcoholics are never "cured"; they go into remission. If it doesn't involve a virus/bacteria, you can really never be "cured" as it is, and even then it is debatable because in many instances, you might be cured from harm from that particular virus/bacteria, but the true cause of the illnes that made you susceptible in the first place might still be present. And Haggard's comment about homosexuality - that's not even a disease! There's nothing to cure.

I think the human mind is capable of many amazing things, and perhaps 3 weeks is all it takes to oversome some major issues. For instance, I know people who have tried to quit smoking over and over, and just cannot seem to succeed. In comparison, my mom decided when I was young to stop, and just stopped cold turkey and never looked back. So while all of our minds might be capable of making changes quickly and relatively easily, most people's minds are not tuned properly to do so. I find it quite suspect to think that all these public figures seem to be capable of making such changes so quickly. Are they really that much more "advanced" than us non-public folk? I doubt it ... especially when we watch them relapse over and over.

Most Americans have such short attention spans hence a 'quick fix.'

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