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Being an animal lover and the owner of 2 dogs and a rabbit, I was naturally concerned when I heard about the extensive pet food recall that was announced over the weekend. Thankfully, none of the foods I feed my dogs were on the list, but my heart went out to those pet owners who are affected. The manufacturer of the pet foods noted that they were not definitively sure as to the cause of the potentially poisonous food, but speculated that it may be related to a new supplier of gluten.

I assumed that the company would conduct tests on the food to determine what may be causing illness, but never did I imagine that they would test it by feeding it to healthy animals and observing the effects. I thought I had surely misread the title of this news article, "FDA: Tests of suspect pet food killed 7 animals," but unfortunately I hadn't.

During those tests, the company fed its product to 40 to 50 dogs and cats and some seven animals — the mix of species was not immediately known — died, Sundlof said. The contamination appeared more deadly to cats than to dogs, he said.
DUH! What are they thinking? "We suspect that this food kills animals, so let's torture some innocent animals for the hell of it?" I can't rationalize this. Aren't there better ways to test for the noxious ingredient? Especially when they have a very good idea of where the source of the problem lies? Is this how pet food companies test new concepts for food?

When the spinach e-coli breakout occurred, did we feed it to otherwise healthy humans to confirm the problem? To determine which brands really were lethal? It was probably fed to some poor lab animals just to confirm what was already known. I just don't get it; maybe I am just too naive.

I get so depressed when I see how we treat the others. Last week I watched a show on Chimpanzees, some of whom had lived in a cage for 25 years, being released into a natural Sanctuary...

some of them had not touched grass or climbed a tree or seen the sky since they were babies...and most of them were slaves who had been infected, tested, forced to perform and were torn from their families when they were infants..

I sobbed through the entire bloody thing until the end when an old timer named Tom climbed a real tree and slept out under the stars foe the first time in 30 years...I balled like a baby..I can barely write this without being overwhelmed...and then last week I got this Burning Live Dogs in China.. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/454118246.

Sometimes I feel like getting crazy like Brad Pitt did in '12 Monkeys' and hitting back at these corporations but it is ordinary people who keep this cycle of abusing and abandoning our best friends and those in the wild.
Tell them again Bob Barker...

Two weeks ago I witnessed a reunion between two elephants who had not seen each other in 30 years..they were bending the steel bars trying to snuggle before they let them reunite..((waa waaa))..OMG! I gotta stop..don't get me started on how cruel we are to the others.

Horrible and mortifying!

Can you imagine if we were not the intelligent species?

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