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The nerve!

[Photo: Guantanamo graffiti by burge5000]

Isn't it peculiar how horrified we are that Iran would have the nerve to reach beyond the extent of their borders, capture military personnel on trumped up charges, and then hold them against all notions of justice?

What would make them think we'd stand by and let that happen?

I just received a bit of that jaded irony after writing about the Iranians. Hmm.
Nobody has a monopoly on Righteous Indignation and everybody in the entire world except for Rove, Rummy and Cheney could see that the guantanamo detention facility would come back to haunt the 'free' world.
This could be the tip of the Iceberg so hold on to your seat.

Terry Waite may rescue Britain but the USA is gonna pay.
Putting out fires with gasoline.

Come on people. This is their way of thinking and doing. Why should we be surprised by their actions. This should be expected and time after time they keep showing their disregard to anyone outside of their religous brain washed minds.

I'm to the point of throwing diplomacy out the window. It does not work with these idiots. Only force seems to be the logical response because words don't solve problems with these jackasses.

It is and always will be a never ending story.

Don't we, time after time, show our disregard for those who believe in things we don't?

Help me understand why you feel what they're doing isn't exactly what we've done to their people at Guantanamo.

When the world demands that we provide evidence to explain why the people are being held with no trial, and we respond "we don't have to provide anything. we're holding them for our national defense", why should we expect any other response from them than the same?

Why should we not accept them saying "we're going to hold your soldiers, permanently, for the safety of the Iranian nation." ?

What do you believe gives us the right to act in a way that they shouldn't?


They've tried for months now to approach us through diplomacy to pursue options to help quell the violence in Iraq, and we've refused to meet with them. We've refused.

It doesn't appear to work with us idiots, either.

Idiots we certainly are.

In my opinion the motives behind the two are drastically different though. We are attempting to both get information as well as keep enemy combatants off the battle field. Everybody seems to think that everybody down there was stripped out of their home while they were baking bread and writing letters to their grandmas.

Iran on the other hand is not attempting to keep these soldiers off the waters nor extract information out of them. It is a political move aimed at either drawing the west into conflict or trying to show their political might or who knows what else. That guy is a complete madman.

But in my opinion the situations are drastically different.

> Everybody seems to think that everybody down there was stripped out of their home while they were baking bread and writing letters to their grandmas

That's mostly the trouble.. we don't know. There's no legal process being followed to show why we're holding them, or at a minimum to explain why another country wouldn't be allowed to capture and detain American forces that were "combatants" towards them.

The point is that we'd express horror if the insurgency captured and held our troops to "keep them off the battlefield and extract information" indefinately. We would raise holy hell if it happened. (and we do, each time.)

When they do, they're "madmen", and I have a huge problem acting as though we've done nothing wrong here.


We hold them there today, I've read, because we're worried about what these guys will do in retaliation for our having held them for so long. So.. we hold them longer. If Iran did the same thing, and announced that they simply couldn't release these soldiers out of fear that they would harbor anger towards Iran and likely strike back, would we just sit around and say "well, that makes sense... keep em as long as you feel comfortable.. we'll wait. And if you aren't able to provide us evidence of their wrongdoing, and choose to ignore the international community, that's cool too -- long as you feel it's important, we'll trust you."?

Monkey see -Monkey Do and we sure showed them how to do it!

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"Iran would have the nerve to reach beyond the extent of their borders, capture military personnel on trumped up charges, and then hold them against all notions of justice"

Isn't it strange that this is exactly how the rest of the world seems to be treating Iraq? Hasn't the US reached beyond their own borders for reasons that were false to begin with?

I agree.. I should totally write a blog post about that!


Ha-Ha-Ha very funny...
Like a sucker I clicked your "I should totally write a blog post about that" link and now I am entering my 'shame spiral' in

Well.. it might not be that shameful... how many levels deep did you get? :)

Its such a shame that your irony is lost on so many!

Its just as much of a shame that so many responses to the mention of the Iran/hostage situation cause so many pea-brains to automatically, and thoughtlessly as ever, bash the US.

Who needs terrorists or dictators . . . WE are our own worst enemy.

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