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Are we really this clueless?

We are doomed! What a sad state of affairs. The majority looks so studpid. It's those who know, who rise to the top. I can go on for ever after watching this, but I'll get really upset so I'm stopping right here.

/shrug, there's a ton of stuff you could ask me on the street that I'm sure I'd get wrong too.. I certainly wouldn't be able to pick the real John Howard out of a crowd.. :) Though, I do know the difference between Austrailia and France, hehe.. That bit made me laugh.

I truly think we teach this stuff out of order, in the first place.. We teach world geography when kids are way too young to understand, care, or retain anything of true value... world history, world politics, would anything.. taught in such a way that it's just a pure memorization exercise. Names, dates, leaders, capitols, .. all that stuff.

There's courses people could take now, but obviously they're voluntary. And day to day, unless there was some meaningful reason to study that stuff (job promotion or something?), I think most are happy enough just not knowing.

Not even sure I think it matters, sadly. If everyone was required to take a class as an adult on world politics and geography, would it actually make a difference in the way they voted?


But. We also make celebrate our forgetfulness too.. That 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader?' show is huge highlight of that. People clap and cheer when the adult has forgotten something that these kids still remember fresh in their heads. Are the kids "smarter"? Is that what the show is actually showing? Or just that we forget stuff when we get older? :)

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