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The Biggest Lie?

Why Doubt the government's explanation for 9/11? Read here for a brief overview.

In this video, 9/11: What We Know Now that We Didn't Know Then, Prof. James Fetzer provides a great in depth explanation of some of the contradictory evidence. It's long so you may want to watch in parts. Revisit the video here.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

This world is even worse off than I could have ever imagined if this is true

Ok,whew that was long!
There is a lot of intriguing evidence presented which is totally disturbing..I had seen a Frontline doc on why the towers fell but there was no mention of a subterranean explosion...the conspiracy evidence on the Penatagon and the Pennsylavania 'heroes' flight were compelling.

The missing $2.3 Billion dollars is a nice fit...but I have to ask WHY? and WHO?
If they wanted to pick a fight with Iraq or Al Qaeda all they had to do was sacrifice a few pawns in the military?
I would have to bbelieve that Bush was out of the loop because he isn't smart enough to have pulled this off. I watched Brezinski explain that Bush's epiphany of his mission in history is comprised completely of bravado and conviction inlieu of thoughtful reasoning. Certainly his handlers could have guessed that his is how he would react and follow their script..I guess that I have a problem understanding why or who in the American Government is that callous that they would do all of this to secure 79 more years of Oil.

This makes the JFK coverup look amateur. I just think that his would take too may co-conspirators and in this day and age you just couldn't shut them all up.
One of them would have a conflict of conscience and spill the beans before they were taken out.

I do find that Pentagon 757 hit perplexing..how could you fly a plane that big into a building without furrowing into the ground?

It just seems too incredible.

Seems to me, they could just release these video tapes that the businesses surrounding the Petagon had of the event. These stories of people watching, and re-watching, horrified by what they saw, and then told not to say that the FBI was there to collect the tapes. /shrug

Trouble is, those are stories too, told by people, with the same ability to make up what happened as the govt.. just with a lot less money. :) How do I know the tapes actually exist in the first place? It seems pretty silly to fill out freedom of information act requests for non-existant sets of tapes.. :)

And without that evidence, how do you choose who to believe?

And.. if you're a person involved in the conspiracy, how do you ever justify coming out with the story? What happens to our government and way of life in the whirlwind that would arise from that story?


I thought about posting that as a new article.. and I just might.. What would you imagine happening if it were truly announced that our govt planned and executed the whole thing. What happens in the white house? What happens in the UN? Afghanistan? Iraq? Do we rez Saddam, apologize, and head off on our merry way?

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