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Rhythm of the War Drums

"Three million souls can be starved and murdered in the Congo, and our Argus-eyed media scarcely blink.
When a princess dies in a car accident, however, a quarter of the earth's population falls prostrate with grief.

Perhaps we are unable to feel what we must feel to change our world."

--Sam Harris, The End of Faith

Isn't it the truth. The war on terror has become a war of terror.
I love that quote you have under the video.
Remember after 9/11 how we thought the New England Patriots winning the super bowl was a sign?
Patriots!! Says it all and that is what we were.
How quickly the tides turn when after six grueling years of love and greed has turned us sour to what we thought we were really fighting for.
Jesus speaks to us and us alone. Remember the Titans!

Yeah, isn't that video awesome. I came across it the other day and was thinking of posting it. And then I read that quote today and thought they fit together perfectly.

On a lighter note -- dad heard the music of the video playing up here and asked, "What are you listening too? Is that rap or something?"


ain't rap changed over the years.

it's not like it was in the olden days.

this is a powerful clip - too bad that more of our world isn't more sensitive to war and what it means.

Unfortunately, it seems war is simply the manifestation of the ugly sides of human nature -- greed, power, and fear.

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