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The Rabbit Hole

No evidence of a plane at the Pentagon and no evidence of the same in Shanksville. Do we really have evidence of Boeing passenger jets at the WTC? Seeing isn't always believing....

For more information about the "no plane" theory, visit here. Watch each of the seven 10 minute videos in numbered order.

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I sit and watch these videos through the marvel we call the internet. All I can think about is who is performing the better magic trick. Seeing is not always believing, but "live" national television can not always be wrong either with videos projecting into our rooms as the horror unfolds. But, if the hoax is truth, if the American people are merely an audience for someones elaborate stage show, then the devil now has a face...the Bush administration and the faithless media.

I agree 100%, Frank. My posting of the videos does not imply that I believe all are fact, but I don't believe they are 100% fiction either. I do believe that there are many unanswered questions about 9/11 and that the American people need to think intelligently about the "truths" disseminated through the media and begin to demand answers from those in power when the "facts" don't add up. I think we owe that to all the civilians and troops -- American and otherwise -- who have given their lives (or had it stolen) for this "war on terror."

I know the media only shows the truth as they see it. Network to network, it is amazing the truth is seen by different eyes. You know what the sad part about all of this is? We will never know the truth. I believe one thing is for sure though; innocent men and women are dieing for one man's version of the truth, or what he duped himself into believing. I think that is what aggravates me the most.

Yes, we may never know the truth, but we should never stop seeking it. Because, if we do, they win.

If you haven't noticed this about me, my whole life is spent trying to find the truth. Not only the truth about the world, but about myself. You know what I believe? I dont believe we know the truth abou ourselves until we know the truth about our world. So, you know what? We will never know what we truly are....and that is sad.

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I believe the complete opposite is true -- you have to know who you are before you can make sense of the world. Otherwise, you will wander lost and will not have an anchor in the turbulent sea of life. And, as you said, another consequence is that one will never know who they are, which is a completely unsatisfying and depressing outlook for life. You have to be able to identify what defines you and what you will and won't stand for in order to successfully navigate your way through life.

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see, you know the truth about your beliefs and thoughts and your likes and your dislikes. do you know if your beliefs are real? there are facts that this world keeps a secret that can severly alter our whole thinking. we might find out the truth about everything when we are dead, but who knows about that. I believe in heaven and an everlasting after life, but i could be wrong about that too. Now, do i really know what the truth is about myself without knowing if i am right?

Well, I am a little miffed. I wrote a whole response and blogger decided to go down the moment I published it. So, here's an attempt of a summary.

Loki: perhaps you can chime in here as I am pretty sure we have had similar conversations in the past.

Frank: It is true that you will never know the "truth" -- so, why bother fretting about it. That is why acts of violence and hate in the name of religion are senseless.

Think about it -- if it is true that our experiences shape us, no one will ever agree as to what the truth is, as we are all the product of unique life experiences. Instead, what you believe may evolve and change over time, but this is nothing to be discouraged about. Instead, view it as proof that you are evolving into a more open minded and complex person -- keep the thirst for knowledge alive by continuing to fine tune your personal truth.

Essentially, I think that is what each of craves to find in life -- personal truth. I don't think that any two personal truths are the same; there is no universal truth. Just like people can't agree on one universal religion or one universal government. Instead of seeking a universal truth, I think it serves you better to develop your personal truth (that will always be evolving) and use your lessons and experiences to better and brighten your corner of the world.

Who is fretting about not knowing? I think it is more reveling in it. Isn't that what makes life interesting and worth living; the not knowing? I think we believe in the same premise, but call it different names. I call it a univesal truth no one will ever know and believe there is only one truth. Personal truth, ahhh, I dont know if there is such a thing. I think it is personal beliefs that you hold true. They are not necessarily truths though.

I interepreted your previous comment about how it is sad that we can never know who we truly are without knowing the universal truth, as you being upset by that fact. My bad. :)

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