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Two Watches

[Photo: watch faces by cbcastro]

"A man with one watch knows what time it is;
a man with two watches is never quite sure."

--Lee Segall

Looking for some fresh quality blog material? Check out my brother's inaugural adventure into the blogosphere, Two Watches. He describes his blog as follows:

It seems to me that the majority of the world is caravaning through life with two watches, and this includes myself. Through these writings, and of course rants, I hope to lose one of these watches and know exactly where I am at the right time. I am hoping to talk through my world and find profoundness not only in my words, but in my life.

Hurry and click over to Two Watches to check out Frank's ramblings -- and don't forget to drop him a line and say hello!

why do we always need to know the time? we should learn to enjoy the moment without reservations. this is something that i need to learn.

Thanks for the advertisment. Come check me out. Just some writings about things fluttering around in my head. I think everyone would enjoy it.
And it is not knowing what time it is. Living for the moment without reservations comes with knowing where you are with all your confusion and setbacks. It is coming to terms with your self as well as your world.

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