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9/11 news broadcasts of 2nd "plane's" impact

I know many may think I am beating a dead horse, but I find all the September 11 conspiracies extremely interesting and compelling. This video compares the impact of the 2nd "plane" as shown on various news channels. Very thought provoking... Join the fight for the truth!

I watched the first two minutes of this.

I know that you're not showing this as a "true believer" but as someone who's interested in the theories, however, as a photographer and someone who works in video, here is some feedback.

1. I don't understand how it could be seen as a hard challenge to capture a fast-moving object on film (or digital). It's all about shutter speed - if your shutter speed is faster than 1/60 of a second, then you will be able to catch most anything. It was a bright, clear day on 9/11 - an "autoshoot" camera would naturally measure the light in the sky and close the aperture and increase the shutter speed to compensate.

2. Yes, that's a lens flare on the video footage.

Yeah, this one didn't really strike me like the other ones did... I meant to go try to take a couple pictures of the planes coming in to land by O'Hare to try to show that with reasonably simple settings, very fast things will still look fine in a photo :)

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