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Come again, Mr. President? You saw the first plane hit the WTC? On TV? Outside the school?
Your statement is equally disturbing whether it is fact or fiction.

I chalk this up to pandering, more than anything else. :)

These road tours that were supposed to bring him closer to the people, and them to him... In that arena.. for him to sound as though he saw them on TV after the fact, or even "at the same time" as the rest of us, I'm sure sounds to him like he was just along for the ride..

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he truly remembers that day playing out like he said. He mentions in there that he saw the plane hit, and was whisked away... ... to.. the classroom? Um, no. :)

But.. what seems way more probable to me, is that they showed him footage of a gaping hole in the WTC.. which is exactly what the rest of us saw on TV that morning, and the only thing people were saying on the news at the time, is exactly what Bush mentions in the video you posted... "..there's a terrible pilot." Everybody was calling it a small private plane, until we all ended up seeing the second one come in, which was very clearly not a small private plane. :)

So.. honestly.. truly.. did he see a hole in the WTC, and then get whisked away to the classroom, because they thought it was just a Cessna? Likely, yes. And months later, it'd sound just like what he said.. just amped up to make himself feel like he had up to the minute facts..

I don't deny that your take on the events is a possibility -- not sure if it was known that planes were "hijacked" before the first plane hit. But, it doesn't explain the response once they learned that the 2nd plane hit and planes had allegedly been hijacked.

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